Getting Started

1. Schedule a Personal Consultation Now! We begin the process with AAT AAC and Supported Typingan informal meeting, consisting of an initial evaluation and preliminary Assistive Technology assessment to assess pointing skills and any possible motor planning difficulties. The first appointment usually takes about an hour and is done in an environment familiar to the individual, ideally in their own home. Both low-tech and high-tech Assistive Technology devices will be available for trial. We will discuss all means of communication that the individual currently uses and define additional communication skills that might need to be addressed.  If the individual currently uses an Assistive Technology device, we will evaluate its benefits and limitations. Click Here For the New Client Form

 What to expect during the Personal Consultation

  • Information on the level of support (physical, emotional, communicative) that the individual may need in order to access Assistive Technology reliably.
  • Physical, hands-on practice for the Communication Partner, including how to provide support to the individual and how to fade that support.
  • Information and suggested activities for the individual and their Communication Partners to practice until the next appointment.
  • How to use The Language Ladder (Hanson, 2004)
  • Information on the various types of Assistive Technology devices (both low-tech and high-tech) that may be appropriate for the individual at home, school, and in the community.

Other Services

  • Staff and Support Team Training:  After the first Initial Evaluation, a follow-up appointment can be scheduled to train staff in the strategy of Supported Typing.  Team trainings last between 1-2 hours depending on the number of people participating.
  • Observation in the Classroom or the Community:  Once the communication system is put into place, observations can be scheduled to insure that the device is being using properly and that the individual has full access to communication at all times throughout the day.
  • Assistive Technology Assessments:  In order to purchase a device through medical insurance and Medi Cal funding, an AAC Assessment in necessary.  This service includes the Assistive Technology Assessment,  a full written report and referral to a licensed SLP to complete the AAC Assessment.  Please contact our office for more information on funding sources.
  • Inclusion and Assistive Technology Inservice:  This service is vital for the classroom teacher and the Communication Partners working with the individual.  Classroom supports and systems can be put into place using both low-tech and high-tech devices to insure access to the general education curriculum and successful participation in the classroom.
  • Home Program Supervision:  Supervision can be provided on a monthly basis to those clients working on goals and objectives in a homeschool environment so that Assistive Technology can be used when working on academic curriculum, independent living skills and social communication.

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Nancy Brady, MA-EdSP, ATS